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Podcasts Back online

Following their recent disappearance from the internet, many of my podcasts are now back online, and all in one place: my personal podcast feed. Get U&F, U&F 2, One Among The Sleepless, Yule Among the Sleepless, and Hall of Mirrors, with more to come. Subscribe today if you're not already.


The Vault of Lovecraft is also back in business here:



Disappearing Podcasts? Reconnect Now

Due to circumstances I won't bore you with (it's complicated), I recently withdrew all my podcasts from the site that's been hosting them. This sudden withdrawal led to my podcasts vanishing from the internet and leaving some of you cut off mid-story. I'm so sorry if you've been affected by this, but rest assured, I'm working every day to get my content back in your ears as soon as possible.

When things are restored, you'll only need to be subscribed to one podcast feed (my personal podcast feed), because that will have everything in it. So there'll be no more subscribing to one feed after another in order to listen to all my books because they'll all be in the one place.

It's taking time to get all this sorted out, but the good news is that both UNDERWOOD AND FLINCH and its sequel BLOOD AND SMOKE are BOTH AVAILABLE in that feed already.

These are the original podcast versions, so there's more chat at either end than you would be used to, and some of it dates as far back as 2008. So if you hear references to fundraisers, or awards, and whatnot, just ignore it; it's all ancient history.

These old versions will be replaced by new versions which won't have this old news content (though some features of the originals will be retained, like the Planet U&F segment. If you don't know what I mean, connect to my podcast RSS right now to find out, just click below and get back into the world of U&F!

Open this link with your podcast app: https://mikebennett.libsyn.com/rss

Or check out the podcast here: https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/mikebennett

And needless to say, as soon as I have all the podcasts updated and uploaded, I'll notify of it here and on social media.

Thanks for your patience,



Mike Bennett is the five-time Parsec Award winning author of Underwood and Flinch, Blood and Smoke, Hall of Mirrors, and One Among the Sleepless. He lives in Wexford, Ireland.

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