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"If you think that Vampire tales are a worn out genre, Underwood and Flinch will shock and delight you." 
Walt Kolenda.examiner.com

The Underwood and Flinch Chronicles is an award-winning series of vampire audiobooks by Mike Bennett available as free podcasts. Follow the adventures of the vampire, Lord Underwood, and his various associates from the Flinch family through hundreds of years of adventures. 

As audiobooks, the podcast adventure begins with Underwood and Flinch, a two-time Parsec-winning 45-episode epic Available from iTunes / RSS for any reader

The Chronicles continue with the Parsec-winning Blood and Smoke. Available from iTunes / RSS for any reader

There's also a stand alone adventure, Disturbing the Devil, set in the newly-opened underground railway of Victorian London. This can be bought from Audible

And the Chronicles continue in Underwood and Flinch: Underground. This podcast is available exclusively from the author's Patreon page. To listen, become a sponsor for a mere $3:00 per month.

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