Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lovecraft Readings on Youtube

I've posted a few more of my H.P. Lovecraft readings onto Youtube because I saw some new pics yesterday from the new movie version of The Colour out of Space and it made me wonder how many views I'd had on my Youtube video of my reading I did back in 2015.

I went to check, and discovered I had none - because I'd never posted it! In fact, I hadn't posted a whole load of my HPL readings, so I set about changing that straight away by posting The Colour out of Space (my personal favourite HPL story), and today I followed it up with The Rats in the Walls.

I'll post the others over time, and when I do more readings, I'll do likewise. I'm not sure if putting them on Youtube is actually beneficial, but if nothing else, it's more interesting than my home videos of people singing on a bus or a train going through a tunnel ... unless you're me, of course ;-)

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