Sunday, July 14, 2019

New Dog ... Maybe

It's been a busy and somewhat stressful weekend for us here. We fostered another dog, Buddy. We met him on Thursday, and by Saturday afternoon he was riding home with us from the kennels, smelling badly and wrestling with me in the back seat all the way. We stopped at a pet supplies store on the way home and bought some essentials, including a grooming glove with which we immediately brushed all that old funky hair out of his coat. Then we brought him back to Pippa, arranging for them to meet on neutral territory and go for a walk together. They got on well enough, so, nervously, we brought him back to the house.

There have been some ... er ... "scenes" since then. A scrap - just a warning scrap with her telling him to back off when he was overstepping a line that, in fairness, he didn't know existed. He's also pee'd in the house a few times, once straight into his food bowl, but following a bit of research, I now know that this is just territory marking: a sign of his having had been bullied over food in the past (which rings true with what we know of his background). But the trickiest thing for me is (and I know this'll sound weird) the two dogs warming to each other and playing happily in the garden. Why's that? You cry. Because they rough-and-tumble all over the place, including into my flowerbeds! Arg!!

However, we're already very fond of him, and we think Pippa is too. So ... probably ... we're going to keep him. You can see him (and her) in the video above. A very mysterious cross breed if ever there was one. I personally think he's a cross between a German Shepherd, a Jack Russell, a greyhound, and Anubis, god of the dead. 

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