Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Podcast! Meanwhile 01

"Meanwhile" - it's a news show in which I basically explain what's been going on in my writing and audio production world (or the lack thereof) for the last season or so. Also features news of Free Ebook of The Month and a five minute sample of Disturbing the Devil. It's in iTunes now, or you can listen direct here ...


  1. I'd already bought it ;) - the story, not the farm.

  2. I have missed hearing your sinister tones so much over the last few months got it even before hearing the 5 min sample.

  3. Really enjoyed Disturbing the Devil, had been missing my fix of U&F. Have asked for the U&F book for Christmas. Christmas and birthdays are the only time I'm allowed new books owing to my tendency to indulge in compulsive book purchasing behaviour!

    1. Fabulosa!! Indulge away, Kamo! And Happy Christmas to you!!


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