Monday, October 27, 2014

Good News!

Yes, good news - I've now completed the first half of the pay-to-download story (almost). I've completed the first 25 minutes of what's now looking like a 70 minute audio story. I'm determined to get it out for Halloween (Friday), and barring act-of-God type scenarios, I should be able to do so. Stay tuned to this blog as in the run up to release I'll be releasing more information, sneak peaks, audio samples, etc.

In other news, after a period of total writer's block, I'm now back to work on Blood and Smoke. It's now looking like there will be more than one more episode. I've finished the first draft of Episode 7, and I'm currently writing Episode 8 (though, of course, because I'm now working all-out on the pay-download story, the writing of Episode 8 has stopped again - temporarily).

Now the bad news. Blood and Smoke will be my last free podcast. I'm giving up the noble art because I want to devote my time exclusively to writing. I only have so much time left on this Earth, and I've got a lot of stories I want to get written before I go. Two novels a year is my target. At this time, I don't plan to make audio versions of them because the process takes such a terribly long time (and always completely derails the writing process, making it very hard to get started again).

My first writing project after Blood and Smoke will not be a U&F story. I want to write something totally different, and this story - a novel - will be just that. More than this I can't say.
Will there be more U&F? Yes, almost certainly, but for now, I need a complete break from all things fanged.

That's it for now, amigos. As I say, stay tuned to this blog as I'll be releasing more stuff on the p-t-d story as we countdown to Halloween.
Trick or treat?
Treat, I promise ;-)

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