Friday, October 31, 2014

Disturbing the Devil

Happy Halloween! Here it is, Disturbing the Devil. 

Blimey, but I've had a frightful time trying to get this damn thing online. It took the usual millennia to write and record, but on completing it today, I discovered that my struggle had only just begun. I thought I'd just produce it as I would a podcast audio file, upload it to a host, and that's it! Oh, no. Getting an audiobook onto Audible is murder. Figuring out Gumroad is easy, but the whole US-UK tax hell is, well, hell. In the end I went with Payhip. They've let me price it a price I think is reasonable for you, and also good for me (if I sell enough ;-) You'll see a UK £ price of £2.50, that equates to $4.00 US. I will get it onto Audible in the next few days, but when I do, it'll be over $7.00 US (their pricing, not mine) so if you're on a budget, Payhip might be the best way to go. You'll need a Paypal account and then they'll send you a download link.

I haven't been able to test it because I'm both vendor and buyer, and paypal doesn't like that. There's also a possibility that buyers outside the UK £ region may be told that the vendor doesn't accept your currency (I do, but Paypal might not) I don't know, I'm hoping everything will work for people outside the UK, but if not, I'm afraid you'll have to bear with me until I can get things sorted out better, but right now, my brain is broken and there's steam coming out of my ears; I can't think anymore, I've been at for 6 hours straight and I'm done for the night.

If you want it on iTunes, that'll have to wait for my Audible set up to finalise. Other phones and apps, I have no idea, probably the same - Audible will deliver via your network somehow. But for me, for now, I'm knackered: I need a drink ... or two ... or three ;-)


  1. PayHip worked for me. Thanks Mike!

  2. Hi Mike
    I just downloaded "Disturbing the Devil"
    I am in a small town in northeast Ohio, USA and had no problems with PayPal. Today's exchange was $4.02 for the USD and you other USA folks.
    If I may....
    I discovered Underwood and Flinch on Podiobooks through a friend. I was looking for some short stories to listen to while I walked for exercise. When I started to listen to U&F, I quickly realized that it was so good that it became my reward for walking. I only listened to it while I was walking. My walks became longer and more frequent and one Saturday I walked for 3 hours!! It was that good! I loved all the characters. I also listened to "One Among the Sleepless during my walking times. Another great story!
    My plans for "Disturbing the Devil" is to listen to it on my upcoming flight to Hong Kong. I am just wondering what I am going to do with the other 11 hours of the flight!!
    Thanks much and keep up the good work

    1. Awesome news, George! Thank you. I hope you have a great flight.


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