Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pay-to-Download Story Update.

Update on the p-t-d story. I work on it for about 90 mins a night. There's a lot of editing to do, even though I finished writing it a while back, listening to the audio often throws to light little (and large) things that need to be adjusted / re-written / re-recorded. So far, I have 8 of 13 pages recorded and edited (finished). Ultimately, the finished audio adventure could be anything from 60 - 90 mins long, so it'll be quite the little epic. The story shines light on a hitherto untouched period of Underwood's past (late 1800s) and features a new Flinch. I'm also considering selling it via Audible as well as via my sites. Blood and Smoke is sitting on the back burner until this is finished. As soon as p-t-d goes live, I'll get back to work on the final episode of B&S. After that ... well, it depends on how p-t-d sells, but I'd like to go straight into a long writing process of U&F Part 4: not a novella like B&S, but a full-size novel. Stay patient, friends; the reward will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm Working - Look, Here's Proof ...

Here's a picture of me taken at my desk working on the audio of the pay-to-download story (you can see the audio file open on the laptop in front of me). On the wall is a map of the London Underground, next to it are two smaller pictures - covers of projects I'm working on (but not all that I'm working on). So, here you have it: proof, if proof be needed, that just because nothing is appearing anywhere for your immediate consumption, I am working - and now you have an insight into some the things that I'm working on ;-)