Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Four Pages Read

Four pages read. Multiple takes and various different character voices experimented with before settling on an all-London cast. The text is tight and didn't need many revisions. All in all, a good session. Story flows well, it's tight, and I for one am gripped - and I know how it ends!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back in the Saddle!

I can't edit the text any longer, I have to begin recording. Anything that's wrong with the text will come out in the reading process as I record.

And so I began this afternoon - and yes, I found lots of little snags, so much so that I only got ten minutes of it recorded (and much of that will no doubt end up on the cutting room floor), but still - I've started, and that's a major hurdle overcome. Getting back in the saddle, as they say, is the hard part. Tomorrow I shall continue (but in the bedroom, as there's less traffic noise in there). That's when I'll go for the big run at it; I'll try and get at least half of it recorded, if not all. However, that might be a bit difficult as, at over 8,000 words, it's technically a "novelette".

Meanwhile, in other news, I've been in contact with a museum library in London trying to buy the rights to use a particular picture as the cover artwork. They have now agreed (at a modest price) to permit me to use the image and are sending me a scan of the picture through the post. MJ Hahn is on board to turn that scan into the finished artwork, and I'll share it with you just as soon as I enter the final stages of audio editing.

From now on, I'll try and post progress on the recording regularly here on my blog.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

U&F Pay to Download Story

I imagine you've been wondering WTF is going on with my output of late, am I right? Not only is there no new U&F episode, but neither is there any word on any of my sites as to what's going on. Forgive me, I've been working, and I've been in a constant hope of finishing the object of my work and getting it out to you, but due to sh*t happening, the finish line keeps getting put back. Let me explain.

The reason my work is slow in coming - as you may be aware - is because I have to work a day job. However, if I could make my writing and audio output my sole means of earning a living, a day job wouldn't be necessary; I'd be a self-employed writer and audio book producer.

So I decided to put out a pay-to-download story that would never be available as a free podcast. This story would need to become available before the end of Blood and Smoke, because from past experience I know that when a podcast is over, 80% of my listeners drift away. Therefore, to reach that 80% before they go, I need to get the story out before B&S ends.

I'd hoped to get it online in June, but it didn't happen; I wrote a full version, but had to start over because there were too many things I wanted to change. I then wrote a second version, which I much prefer, and it is this that I'm currently in the process of editing. Of course, this is taking time as it's a big story (I feel it'd have to be to justify putting a price on it) and a lot happens in it. There are also the historical details to get right, so there's been a lot of book-reading and swotting up to make sure everything has the stamp of authenticity. However, for all this sound reasoning, I know that you must be getting slightly peeved (to put it mildly) wondering where Episode 7 is. And so, I'm bringing you into the loop. I'd hoped to be able to surprise you with the new story, but at the rate I'm going, it's more likely that I'd just lose you before I get it finished.

So, here's my pledge to you. I'm going to get this story written and in its final version by the weekend. I'm then going to record it, edit the recording, and - assuming I can get all the pay-to-download cashcart stuff set up on my site, I'll get the story online before the end of July.

After that, I'll get to work on Episode 7.

Who knows, if the p-t-d story makes enough money, I may just be able to go pro next month! Then the combination of having the time to do the work, and the need to put food on the table, will mean that U&F production will go into overdrive. A novel every year for the next three years will be guaranteed, plus p-t-d short stories every now and again will appear in order to keep my head above water.

It's an exciting plan, and I hope you'll help me make it become a reality when the p-t-d story goes live. If it does, everybody wins! HUZZAH!!