Friday, May 2, 2014

Episode 6 Update

I've noticed the daily views on this site are rising - as they always do at this time of the month - so I'm posting this update on Episode 6 to keep you in the loop.

Episode 6 is still being written. I'm almost finished, but this week at work (day job) has been very busy and I haven't been able to fit writing into my daily routine since Tuesday. I'm going to do some more tonight and I hope to have it completed by the weekend (which will include a visit from friends who are staying over with us, so that also takes Saturday out of the writing schedule).

In an ideal world, I'd be like James Caan in Misery and go book myself into a little hotel half way up a snowy mountain until the book was finished. But I can't, because unlike Caan, my success doesn't generate money, so I have to have a day job. You might think I make a lot of money from ebooks, but I actually make virtually nothing.

So, based on the prediction that the writing will be completed by the end of the weekend, the audio recording won't start till early next week, and will take at least a week to complete. I'm not saying it'll be released next weekend because I don't know what my day job workload will be next week, but I can at least say that you don't have to keep checking this site every day for the next seven days. Episode 6 is coming, and it will it arrive, but not in the next seven days.

Now, due to the difficulties of providing a monthly episode and the annoyance I know it brings to many of you, I've decided to split Blood and Smoke into two books, rather than struggling on with this difficult schedule. Each one will be a 40,000 word novel in itself (30,000 words of which are now done on the first part). So the current podcast will most likely end with Episode 7 or 8. I will then write Part 2 without making a monthly podcast (which cuts a whole week out of the writing schedule every month), and I'll write the book to completion before resuming any audio production. My current plan involves making all of Part 2 available as a pay-to-download audio book (though a podcast version will be available too). And if that works out, who knows, maybe I'll be able to afford to book myself into a little snowy mountain hotel and write the next U&F title in the seclusion it deserves :-)

Thank you for your continued patience. You are gentlemen and ladies, all.


  1. Oh, Mike, are you sure you want to do that?
    Not to be a spoilsport here, but didn't you say the reason you started the Podcast again was to keep you motivated to write?

    Without that motivation, do you think you'll be able to finish the book with a decent time-frame?

    Perhaps, what you could do is do monthly updates on your writing, if you can't manage to Podcast the actual text?

    1. Yes, you're right of course, Lisa. But I'm very motivated to finish it, I may even take time off work to get it done (though I won't be booking into any snowy retreats). You're right again when you say that monthly updates would be a good idea, a short podcast, maybe with insights into the process and other tidbits to keep people interested ;-)

    2. Excellent :) I look forward to seeing what you manage to get up to!

      One thing I'd like to point out though, I haven't heard you promote any of
      your other works for sale on any of the podcast episodes - I know you don't want to
      sound like an advertisement in your episodes, but I do think a healthy balance
      might help you pick up those spare pounds.

      So, perhaps you could add a bumper to the end of the episodes - before the
      outro music, maybe saying something like:
      "If you liked this episode, perhaps you could consider making a donation,
      you'll find all the links at the website....until then, dear listener, until the moon
      rises over again"

      Well, something like that :)

      It's something you'd only need to record once and it
      might actually build up your donation/purchases a little bit to help you make
      that move out of your day job and into the writing eventually.
      I suggest before the music to stop known skippers missing the plug
      (*raises hand*) ;) also, I miss that little "until the moon rises" bit!

    3. Thank you, Lisa. That's a good idea, actually there are some little bumper chats after the music on the episodes, and I always sign off with "until the moon rises ... " - but you're right, I haven't gone for a cash nod. I'll be sure and do that at least a few times on the remaining eps. And thank you too for your own donation to the cause. I saw the email from Paypal the other day and have been meaning to get an email of thanks out to you. I'll do that right now :-)


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