Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sleepless Topping Charts on Both Sides of the Pond.

This is the final day of the One Among the Sleepless freebie offer. Right now, it's number 10 in the UK free Kindle bestsellers (that's the chart, the overall chart, can you believe it?) and number one in Thrillers. Meanwhile in the USA, it's number 39 in Contemporary Fiction; number 24 in Genre Fiction, and number one in Urban. So, if you have a Kindle and you haven't downloaded it yet, go on - be a devil.

UK Link:

USA link:

If we can get this to number one in the UK bestsellers, it'll blow my mind ... which would be nice.

Nook, Kobo, iPad readers, head over to Smashwords for your free copy - and don't forget to leave some stars, I need 'em over there :-)

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