Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Flat

Just a quick update on my activity at the moment. Nothing going on at all in the writing / podcasting departments, because my wife and I are in the process of moving house. Yes - again. Third time in three years. But the good news is, this time it's into our own flat. We bought a place - we got the keys last weekend.  Yay!
The new room wherein all writing and podcasting will take place. 
Those curtains'll have to go.

Since then we've been painting, decorating, buying appliances etc. But now it's time for the worst bit - packing up our stuff. Arrghh!! But what makes things just that little bit more arrghhh (and also makes podcast recording an impossibility right now) is that I have a stinking cold. My students have all had it, but I miraculously resisted ... until I took a week off work to move house. The day my holiday started, ah-choo! It's like the virus was just waiting for me to leave the school before it pounced. Oh well, plenty of symptom-suppressant medication, rest, and vitamin C, and hopefully all will go well. And then, after we've settled in to our new home and I've set up my microphone etc in the little room above, I shall resume a normal service. Ahhhh-choo!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fracking in Balcombe

I've become obsessed with the fracking in Balcombe. It's not far from me - and worse, it's not far from the reservoir that supplies my home and 65,000 others around here. I've been up to the fracking site once, and I'd go up there a lot more if I didn't have to work every day and wasn't in the process of moving house right now. But anyway, I won't go on too much right now, but I just wanted to share this video that's appeared on YouTube. I watched it this morning and I found it deeply moving. I can't bring myself to watch it again because I know I'll blub like a fool.

If you're unanware as to what fracking is and why so many people, including me, are so worried about it, watch this too.