Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Underwood and Flinch Chronicles Launch Today!

One podcast becomes two ebooks

Happy Underwood and Flinch Day! Yes, Underwood and Flinch, the 45-episode podcast, becomes 2 separate ebooks as today I launch The Underwood and Flinch Chronicles. Volume One is called "Resurrection" and contains the text of the podcast episodes from Night Crossing to Episode 21. Then the story continues in Volume Two, "Bonded in Blood", which is episodes 22 to 45.
These books are on sale now from Amazon stores worldwide (DRM-free, so you can share them with friends and family) and if you use Nook, Kobo, or iBooks, you can get epubs from my page at Smashwords.


Why two books? Well, multiple reasons, actually. But most importantly, it's because they actually are two books; I'm made aware of thisevery time I try and write a plot synopsis. It's like two seasons of a TV show - describing the events of one doesn't cover the events of the other. Also, we're now in the age of the saga - the ongoing series of books. And since the sequel to U&F is, in fact, the first of three sequels (at least), I realized I was at the helm of just such a segmented century-spanning literary adventure (however, the word "saga" calls to mind "Twilight", and I don't feel comfy there, so I went with "Chronicles" instead).

The book I'm currently writing, the first sequel to the podcast story, is called Volume Three "Blood and Smoke". More than that, I cannot say, but I can say it's set in the Caribbean and Colonial America, and features Underwood and Matthias Flinch. The ebook will be out (hopefully) by the end of the year.

But for now, please help support The Underwood and Flinch Chronicles by buying a copy - or copies - of the ebooks and (if you'd be so kind) leaving a few positive words in your wake. My hope is that if enough people buy the books on Sunday they might propel them to a chart position where they'll be noticed by newbies in the ever-teeming marketplace that is the ebook-o-sphere.

There's a Facebook event today (Sunday), so if you're on the Book, please join us. You can also follow my tweets on the day by following me on Twitter @TheMikeBennett.
And so for now, all I can say is, Hip-Hip for Underwood and Flinch! May today be a cracker among days for the gentleman vampire and his trusty servant(s). Huzzah!

M.J. Hahn's fabulous covers
catch the mood of U&F perfectly!

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