Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No News Lately ...

... I've been busy with other stuff: visiting my parents, working the day job, etc. I did manage to get the full story outline of U&F 2 developed while I was at my parents' house. I now have a beginning (which is written), a middle (which is what I'm writing when I get the time) and an end (which is still to be written, but now at least is fully mapped out).

U&F 1 is almost ready for ebook release (in two parts). I also need to get my Parsec submission sorted out for The Shadow Over Innsmouth. And of course, there's Dracula, Part 3 to record. Parsec deadline is the 15th, so that has to take priority. Then U&F 1 ebooks. Then the next Dracula podcast episode / U&F 1 paperback / hardback releases.

And when I can, U&F 2.

Beyond that, as I say, there's no news. This is just an update in case you thought I was dead or something.

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