Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back to U&F 2

Back writing U&F 2. I have stop-start periods. I wrote a huge amount when I went down to visit my parents at the start of the month. Then I stopped when I was doing Innsmouth. Now I'm back at it again. I shouldn't stop, as even when the words come slowly, writing makes me happy. No matter what I might accomplish at work in my classroom, I always feel like I've really achieved something when I get 500 - 1000 words done.

I think the reason I stop is because I get into territory I'm unsure about. It's always easier to not write anything than to write badly. But badly written work can always be improved, whereas days without writing are completely beyond repair. I'm sticking to the course from now on: a minimum of 200 words a day. There are no excuses for not doing that much. Anyone can write 200 words a day. And it usually tends to end up being way more than that ... which is nice.

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