Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sometimes 20

Back again after a typical period of absence with a new podcast - SOMETIMES 20! 

Now, if you've been listening to me for years, you may recall that I read a story for Pseudopod back in 2010 called Spirit of Nationalism by Richard Marsden. However, I know that I've picked up a lot of new listeners since then, and so, since I've always liked the story and my reading of it, I thought I'd recycle it for Sometimes. I contacted Richard Marsden, and he gave his blessing, so here it is, gracing the audio pages of Sometimes 20! 

Spiritclick the pic to get the MP3
Richard has another story on Pseudopod called Grave of Ships, and has a number of books and stories available from his website, including an ongoing sci-fi humour saga called The Traveling Tyrant.

Also in the podcast, there's the return of the One Among the Sleepless podcast, news about the Salvation and Other Stories 3 Day Giveaway from Amazon. For 3 days from 00.01 am Thursday 28th Feb to 11.59 Saturday 3rd March, this ebook will be available for free from Amazon stores around the world. All I ask in return is that you leave 5 stars and a few kind words. Many thanks. 

There's also news on the ebook and print releases of Underwood and Flinch, and news about the sequel, Blood and Smoke. And, besides a trip to the fridge and a song from Lene Lovich, you'll also hear about the new German editions of Salvation (Erlösung) and Night Crossing (Nachtfahrt), as translated by Martje Salje. You can get those from my page at Smashwords.

So all in all, it's quite a bumper slice of podcastery, and I hope you enjoy it.

Music on the podcast

Lucky Number (The Best Of)Lene Lovich
"Bird Song" (mp3)
from "Lucky Number (The Best Of)"
(Oval Music)

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