Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trolls and Other Stories - Free on Amazon for 3 days

Huzzah! I've enrolled Trolls and Other Stories (Hall of Mirrors Volume 3) as an Amazon freebie! Great news if you got a Kindle or Kindle Fire or even a computer tablet or smartphone for Christmas, because now you stick one of my books on it for free!!

I was looking at my sales stats, and there's a definite buying trend for Hair and Skin and Other Stories (Hall of Mirrors Volume 1). The only difference between that book and the other story volumes is the many, many wonderful reviews that you good people have left on that book's page. It got a lot of those reviews by being a freebie a month ago, and so I had an impulse to do the same again - and before I knew it, I'd done it! I'd made Trolls and Other Stories a freebie too! Why? Well besides wanting to get my work onto your Kindles and tablet reader devices, I'd also be very grateful if you could leave 5 stars and a few words of recommendation for the book on its page. Reviews don't have to be long and wordy, just a paragraph saying it's a good read and that you enjoyed it (which you can say with integrity - I hope - because you've enjoyed the podcast ... I hope)

Now, obviously the leaving of reviews and stars are actions totally at your discretion, I can only ask, and you can, of course, completely ignore me. Free is free, no strings attached. But, as I say, I'd be grateful if you could, because hey, it's good Karma, man ;-)

Now go and grab your free book from one of these Amazon stores!

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