Monday, December 17, 2012

One Among the Sleepless Ebook Launches

One Among the Sleepless, my first novel, is now available to buy from Amazon (for Kindle) and Smashwords (all other e-reader devices) in all its spank-tastic, asphyxiation-happy gory, I mean glory. And to support the launch, I've put out a festive Sometimes podcast that should be in your itunes inboxes very shortly (if not already). 


M.J. Hahn has redesigned the Sleepless cover using its original elements, the idea is to optimise the image for the Amazon store's tiny shop window. As a result, you can now see the larger sunglasses lens with the view of Peter Reynolds' apartment reflected in it.
The original cover and photography are the work of Peter from Surface Impression. In the image below, you can see me wearing the sunglasses and looking up at the building we used on the cover.


In the Sometimes podcast, which you can get by clicking this link, I mention the fact that after 6 years, One Among the Sleepless is no longer available as a free podcast. I decided it's had a good long run in that medium, and now I want it to be available as an ebook-only title for the next year or so. I plan to re-record it and re-release it sometime in 2014. The same is true of the Hall of Mirrors Volume 2 podcast. So Salvation, Night Crossing etc, will only available as ebooks for 2013.
To grab your copy of One Among the Sleepless at its launch price of $2.99 cick on one of the links below ...

Enjoy the podcast - it contains the Wayne and Lucy in the love dungeon scene - and enjoy One Among the Sleepless as an ebook!!

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