Friday, November 30, 2012

Yesterday on Amazon + Extended Freebie Period

Good morning! Well, yesterday was an incredible day on both sides of the Atlantic. Just look at these terrific reviews for Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque, Volume One ...

star star star star star Mike Bennett is a genius who rivals both the horror, comedy and story telling greats in the literature world. Mrs. M.C. Edwards "Manderloo"
star star star star star Simply brilliant! Deborah Kaufman
star star star star star Gruesome horror with a comic twist. Lori Y

star star star star star A superb appetizer for his novel length works. Mary Laura
star star star star star Engrossing Storyteller. Jeana L Smith

star star star star star Simply The Creepiest Horror Since Stephen King! Douglas Lawson
star star star star star Great compilation of creepy short stories. Jason Stubbs

star star star star star Great Horror Fiction. C Griffin

star star star star star Genuis. Scary and funny as hell. Horrorman
star star star star star He writes the best kind of horror Wintermute670
star star star star star Mike Bennett is a wonderful author, this is a great well written collection. t
star star star star star Genius, Roxy J

Fantastic! Huge thanks to all the above for taking the time to leave a review. The value of these on Amazon simpply cannot be understated! And also, my thanks to everyone around the world who went to Amazon yesterday to download their FREE copy of Hall of Mirrors Vol 1. How did it fare in the charts? Very well! Here's what I woke up to this morning. I thought that after a night's sleep, the book would have slid somewhat, but no! This was the chartscape an hour ago ...
As you can see, I'm rubbing shoulders with some very exalted company, here. I'm under Bram!

And below is the US Short Story chart:
Look at all those Christmas-themed titles! There's loads of them. This is clearly a very good time to release a Christmasy romance. One Among the Sleepless is going to fit in here like a meat pie on a shelf of quiche - and the Christmas market seems to be ravenous for quiche! But hey, that doesn't mean that people don't want meat pie; it's just that quiche is the dish of the season. So, writers take note: Christmas sees a big rise in titles that at other times of the year wouldn't be an obstacle.

Anyway, moving on. In the UK, Hall of Mirrors: Volume One has been holding its own as well, reaching 11 in Horror:

Look at James Herbert there in the paid chart! Obviously the current TV adaptation of The Secret of Crickley Hall is doing wonders for Mr Herbert's sales (it's number one, unsurprisingly). I read Haunted, the first book in the Ash series, years ago, and loved it. And as a kid in the seventies, I devoured James Herbert's books like no one else's. Did you ever read, The Rats trilogy? Every kid in my school read The Rats. Dog-eared copies were passed around from chum to chum with frenzied interest. I enjoyed the first sequel, Lair, but for me, the masterpiece was the third book, Domain. Giant rats preying on the survivors of a post-nuclear holocaust London? What's not to like? I read it once, then read it again. In fact, I should read it a third time. You can never get enough of giant rats, especially at Christmas.

Sorry, I digress. 

In UK Short Stories, HoM1 reached No 5:

Again, here we can see a couple of Christmas-themed titles above me in the freebies. And there to my left, my opposite in the paid charts, we see the perennial literary love affair with books about abused children continuing with the cannily-titled (and jacketed) Abused - a Daughter's Story. That wouldn't be my cup of tea, but I remember when I was working in a bookshop in the late nineties, books like this were HUGE. Remember, A Child Called, "It" and it's sequels? Apparently, the trade term for the genre is Misery Lit. Nothing like a book full of misery, especially at Christmas.

Sorry, slipping off on another digression there. 

The main thing is, what's going to happen with Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque - Volume One next?

Well, the period of its FREE status (can't write that word big enough) runs for today - AND - into tomorrow. Yes, I've extended it a day. I figure, why not? If there's a buzz, why kill it? So if you haven't yet got your FREE copy of Hall of Mirrors Vol 1, get it NOW! And tell a friend at work today so they can get it TOMORROW. The push is far from over, and I would LOVE the book to get into the Amazon free top 100 (obviously). 

Can you help it get there? 

The psychological effect of this on me - let's be honest - is wonderful! It inspires me. It tells me that you support me. It makes me want to write - and what I'm writing, when I can - is Underwood and Flinch 2. So, it follows that if you support me in this, you encourage me to write Underwood and Flinch 2. So come on, inspire me! Download Hall of Mirrors Volume 1 now! It's FREE! And the long-term results will be Fang-Tastic!!

Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque - Volume One at
Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque - Volume One  at