Saturday, September 24, 2011


Remember the ball that became "Wilson" in the Tom Hanks film, "Castaway"? Well, he got washed up in my living room today - in spirit at least. I began a strange new ritual to make myself sit and work without skipping off when I get fatigued.

Since Thursday I've been putting on a shirt and tie and sitting down to 'work' at 9.00 am. But yesterday I was late (9.40) and I kept getting up and pacing about. I thought, "if I were at a real job, this wouldn't happen". So today, I added a new dimension to my "workplace". I got ready for work, then I left the house. I walked down the street and back (going to work), then I returned to the house (my job) and entered. I then made myself a cup of tea and had a water-cooler type chat with a colleague called Wilson. We talked about the weather and the movie I watched on TV last night, Infestation. I told him it was good, if you liked that sort of thing. Wilson was quiet throughout our chat, but he's a quiet guy. Anyway, once the tea was made, I told Wilson I'd see him later and went off to my office, where I sat down, turned on the computer and started my job.

And do you know what? It worked. I worked all morning. I'm now going to lunch. Maybe I'll see Wilson around town, maybe not - I think he only does a half-day on Saturday. All right for some.


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