Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogger vrs. Tumblr

So I tried Tumblr and found it hard to work with. The interface was baffling at first, and when it came to allowing people to comment, I'm told I need to sign up with yet another *&$£@& package. Alas no, there are only so many times I can enter my details, password - and re-enter password - in a week. So it looks like I'm coming back to Blogger.

The blogs on my websites are great, but they are very podcaster-specific. "Meanwhile" is what I'm doing when I'm not podcasting, like vomiting or getting into uncomfortable yoga entanglements (see below). So if you have any interest in such things, do please follow me here. If nothing else, it'll help you understand why my podcasts are taking so long to arrive :-)


  1. Welcome back to Blogger Mike. One thing you may not be aware of, you do not have to use templates designed for blogger. If you look at my blog, you will see it is in fact a 'modified' wordpress template i forced to work within blogger.

  2. Thanks, Jon. I'm okay with the plain version for now :-)


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